Toilet Paper Roll Flower

A while back I saw a toilet paper art project on The Compartment Life blog and thought I could do that.  So I started saving my toilet paper and paper towel rolls.  As soon as I had a small box full, I knew it was time.

So I sat down and played with a few designs.  (At the time) I knew I wanted to have a small mirror in the middle and came up with a design that was similar to a sun.   Here’s what I did:

Supplies needed:

  • Toilet paper and/or paper towel rolls (I think I had around 30)
  • Cardboard circle cutout
  • Paint (I used two colors… Spray paint and a sample color in a coordinating green)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Small paint brush
  • beads

First: Gather all your rolls.  I pressed them down so they were close to flat and using a ruler I measured out 1 inch and then cut.  Each toilet paper roll gave me 3-4 and a paper towel roll gave about 10.

Second: I had my design laid out and started hot gluing the “petals” together.  Since I wanted a circular mirror in the middle, I had that in the center and glued my petals together so they were touching the mirror and were going to be glued together close enough to eventually be glued to the mirror.

Third: Spray paint!  The hubs is a bit of a perfectionist, so I did at least 3-4 coats of blue spray paint.  **NOTE: when painting, I had it on a plastic sheet outside… next time I do this, I will move the wet flower from the sheet I painted on to a dry one because the flower stuck to all the excess paint on the sheet and it took WAY to long to brush it all off.**

Fourth: After the blue paint was dry, I used a small paint brush to randomly paint a few of the petal insides a green color.

Fifth:  I stood back and looked at the piece with the mirror and decided I did not like it.  So using a piece of hard cardboard we cut a circle and I painted it green too.

Sixth: Glued the petals to the cardboard circle

Seventh: Glued blue bead on the cardboard but at the base of each petal line.

When its all said and done I couldn’t be happier with it.  But I do have a few take aways….  My husband said “Stacey do you think you should paint the petals before gluing it together?”  In hindsight, that might have been easier but if the flower hadn’t stuck to the plastic sheet I do not think I would have had such a hard time.  The mirror we bought was from the Dollar Store and it was part of some stand-up mirror that we deconstructed but it still had some weird little knobs on it… Michael’s sells “craft mirrors” in a variety of shapes and sizes and they were practically the same price.