This is one of the many projects that has been transforming our family room.  This was a great find and FREE.  Driving home one day I saw a “free furniture” sign in my neighborhood.  I ran home, got my husband and a bigger car and went straight over.  Found this guy on the side of the road.  It certainly did not look this good when we loaded it up and brought it home but with a little elbow grease and some paint, its perfect for us.

Here is what it looked like when we brought it home:

Pretty outdated huh?  The little flower doiley things on the cupboard doors were the worst.

Supplies Needed:

Here’s the step by step tutorial of what we did:

First: Removed the doors, both the glass front door and the two bottom cupboard doors.  Then the glass sides (so it would be easier to paint).

Second: We knew that we were not going to replace the glass front door or put the lower cupboard handles on our finished product.  So we used Wood filler and filled in the holes.

Third: After the wood filler was dry we sanded that down.

Fourth: We started painting.  Side note on the paint… we opted not to prime this piece.  Reason being that we did not want this piece and the Alabaster to look to matchy matchy, we were hoping that without the primer the end color would be similar but not exactly the same.  We did 3 coats of paint.

Fifth: We painted the cupboard doors blue.  Side note… again we did not want matchy matchy but we wanted them to be coordinated.  So we used the same blue that we used on the stenciled back panel in the Alabaster for the cupboard doors.

Sixth: Once all the paint was dry (over night) we started sealing it.

Seventh: Put it all back together! and voilà

The Cabot transformation was free because we already had the paint and sealer.