Here are step-by-step instructions for how to download the free fonts.

First: Find the Download Link.  It can vary from site to site but there will be a button or a text link somewhere near the font sample for downloading the font.   If the site offers multiple font formats be sure you’re getting the format you need. For TrueType (ttf) and PostScript Type 1 font there are different files for Mac and for Windows. Once you’ve found the fonts you want to download, click on the download link or right-click (Windows). For Mac users, the download starts when you click.

Second: Save the file.  For some downloads (such as the buttons at, depending on your browser and operating system, the file will immediately download to your computer. Otherwise, if using Internet Explorer, choose “Save this program (or file) to disk.” If using Netscape Navigator, choose “Save File” after clicking on a download link.

Third: Choose a Download Location. If the file doesn’t download automatically, you can change directories or folders using the navigation buttons in the Window or use the default directory that is showing.

Fourth: Download the Font. From the folder where you have saved the font, double click it to start the download.  If the download doesn’t start automatically, click OK or Install to begin the font download.



That’s it!