Snowman Wreath

I recently decided that my old Christmas wreath was just not going to cut it this year, so I decided I needed to make a new one.  After spending WAY to much time on Pinterest, I found two I really liked and decided to mix the two together and tweak it a bit to look more snowmanish.  I really liked the shape and wire arms/hat that Craft Goodies had and use of cotton balls the BHG had.

So I set out with several 60% off Joann’s coupons and bought 3 styrofoam wreaths in a variety of sizes.


First: I made my scarf using a snowflake Christmas tree skirt from the Dollar Store.  I cut out a long piece of the skirt into the shape of a scarf and quickly finished the edges.

Second: Using wire I secured all three styrofoam wreaths together.

Snowman Wreath

Third: I used a hot glue gun to secure cotton balls to the styrofoam wreaths.  I ended up using around 350 cotton balls.

Fourth: Sprayed the cotton balls with the Elmer’s Spray Adhesive and shook Craft Essentials Glitter all over the snowman.

Fifth: I laced the ribbon through two of the wreaths and covered it with cotton balls. (can you see the bump?  kinda looks like a tongue or something 🙂

Snowman Wreath

Then I hung him up.  Doesn’t he look cool?!

Snowman Wreath