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Monthly Archives: March 2013

I’ve been crafting for a long while now but recently decided to step it up a notch and start selling some of my creations. In my head it was easy but in real life it’s a lot harder. There are so many more variables. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving it, but creating for other people, especially people I don’t know, is hard. Maybe I’m being to much of a perfectionist but I want what I send to people to be my best work. I want people to talk about it and refer more people. Does handmade really mean it won’t be as perfect as if it were machine made?
Why can’t I get things to line up straight? On the computer it’s perfect but I have yet to master the perfect execution, hopefully ill figure that out quick. For every creation I send out, there are at least 2 fubar’s before it that are now in the garbage!
The part to remember about this is that I’m learning and getting better with each project. The only constant is change. So if I try something new each time, one if these times it will click. But if I do the same thing over and over, ill hit the same wall each time.


I made this sign for a good friend of mine.  She is giving it to her sister as a wedding gift.  I was given pictures of the recipient to be’s house and creative license.  My friend told me I nailed it and trust me that was a huge relief!  It is really hard to make something for someone that is going to give it to someone else, lol.  It was nerve racking!!


So Pretty in Paint: DeRose Family Established Sign

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After making the Hann sign for my house, my husband said there was no more room available on our walls for anymore signs 😦  So, I opened up my sign making abilities to friends and family on Facebook.  I had much more response than I had expected so I got busy making custom established signs!  Here is the first one I made for The McCain Family.  Its 2013 and they’ve been married since 1966…. 47 years!

Here is another established sign that I recently created:

So Pretty in Paint - McCain Established Sign

For more custom signs, please check out the Etsy shop.


I saw a sign similar to this on Pinterest and wanted to try my hand at creating one.  For more signs available, please check out the Etsy Shop.


So Pretty in Paint: Welcome Friends & Family

Since posting it on Facebook last night, I’ve already had two requests to make similar ones but adding “The ___ Family Welcomes our Friends & Family.”  So excited to create something for someone else!  Stay tuned for those pictures!


This was my second attempt at creating an established sign for my house.  The first attempt I used stencils and hated it so I started over and created this:

So Pretty in Paint: Hann Family Established Sign


To me and my husband, this is perfect and have been loving it!  Please check out more custom signs on the Etsy Shop.


After creating a few signs for my house, my husband put his foot down and clearly stated there is no more room in our house for anymore signs 😉 So what is a girl to do… create signs for other people of course!  My friend Amber had her first child a little over a year ago but did not have one of those baby announcement signs, so I decided to create one for her.  This was my first attempt and I think it turned out pretty good.

So Pretty in Paint Baby Announcement Sign - Frederick Andre

This is on a 9×12 board and is also available to be customized via the Etsy Shop.


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