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Here is another Baby Announcement sign I made.  This one is for the Wilson’s.  Their babies nursery reminds me of a tree house.  They painted a beautiful mural on the wall of a big tree with a couple owls perched on a branch.  I really wanted this sign to look like it belonged in that room.

So Pretty in Paint Baby Announcement Sign - Henry Lee

It is on a 9×12 board.  Fun and totally personal!  Love it!

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I made this sign for a good friend of mine.  She is giving it to her sister as a wedding gift.  I was given pictures of the recipient to be’s house and creative license.  My friend told me I nailed it and trust me that was a huge relief!  It is really hard to make something for someone that is going to give it to someone else, lol.  It was nerve racking!!


So Pretty in Paint: DeRose Family Established Sign

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After making the Hann sign for my house, my husband said there was no more room available on our walls for anymore signs 😦  So, I opened up my sign making abilities to friends and family on Facebook.  I had much more response than I had expected so I got busy making custom established signs!  Here is the first one I made for The McCain Family.  Its 2013 and they’ve been married since 1966…. 47 years!

Here is another established sign that I recently created:

So Pretty in Paint - McCain Established Sign

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I saw a sign similar to this on Pinterest and wanted to try my hand at creating one.  For more signs available, please check out the Etsy Shop.


So Pretty in Paint: Welcome Friends & Family

Since posting it on Facebook last night, I’ve already had two requests to make similar ones but adding “The ___ Family Welcomes our Friends & Family.”  So excited to create something for someone else!  Stay tuned for those pictures!


This was my second attempt at creating an established sign for my house.  The first attempt I used stencils and hated it so I started over and created this:

So Pretty in Paint: Hann Family Established Sign


To me and my husband, this is perfect and have been loving it!  Please check out more custom signs on the Etsy Shop.


While perusing Facebook the other day I saw a friend of mine, Erin, posted pictures of her holiday decorating tradition.

Guest blogger, Erin Hikes:

Every year I go on a wrapping frenzy. I swear I would have wrapped the kids if I could.  But, I started wrapping my picture frames on my mantle, on the walls, and on the bookcases. It just made the house more festive and it SUPER easy.  The kids love this and plus it gives them more things to unwrap later!  It is a great way to do cheap decorations since you already have wrapping paper.

You know when you have wrapping paper and there is a little chunk left over? Cut them off and find frames around the house that will be perfect for the size of extra paper you have. You don’t need a lot to wrap it and it doesn’t need to be absolutely perfect.  All you really need is enough to cover the front and the sides.  You can choose any wrapping paper you want.  I let the kids pick out what wrapping paper they love that way they stay involved.

First, start place the frame on the paper right side up.  Make sure you remember which way the frame goes before you rehang.  Start by pulling the sides over and taping them down.  You can fold the sides like you would a present as well.

 So Pretty in Paint Guest Post


Notice the top of the frame I folded the paper over and tucked it so that I would still be able to hang it back up.  IT’S THAT EASY!!  So, I wanted to add some bows and stuff on to it and again, you don’t need a ton of ribbon you just need enough to cover the front and the sides.


So Pretty in Paint Guest Post

When you are all done wrapping the picture, you can leave them as is with just the wrapping paper or you can go all out and add ribbons and bows and all off that stuff to it so that it feels more like presents.

 So Pretty in Paint Guest Post


So this is what it looks like when you are all finished.  Super Easy and Super Cute!  These can be done for birthday parties and other parties not just Christmas just to add that extra fun touch.  So have fun with it and enjoy yourself.  Your house will look FANTASTIC in no time at all.

So Pretty in Paint Guest Post 6

The kiddos picked out the wrapping paper and they also said it would be really cute to add lights around it.  So we did and it turned out AWESOME!

 Thanks for sharing Erin!


With all of the furniture refurb project my husband and I did this year, we just didn’t have enough room in our family room for our usual Christmas decorations.  I realized very quickly that there would not be space to have a Christmas tree, so I compromised by making these glittery Christmas trees for the mantel.  Its not at all the same but I guess it will do.

We still wanted to decorate the house for the holidays, so I brought in the boxes of Christmas decorations and tried to find some creative ways to use the tree decorations.  Having an entire box of Christmas tree balls, I put the small ones in vases on the mantel and the larger ones in a big vase on our bookcase.

More Easy Christmas DecorationsMore Easy Christmas Decorations


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