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Baby Announcement Sign: Frederick Andre

After creating a few signs for my house, my husband put his foot down and clearly stated there is no more room in our house for anymore signs 😉 So what is a girl to do… create signs for other people of course!  My friend Amber had her first child a little over a year ago but did not have one of those baby announcement signs, so I decided to create one for her.  This was my first attempt and I think it turned out pretty good.

So Pretty in Paint Baby Announcement Sign - Frederick Andre

This is on a 9×12 board and is also available to be customized via the Etsy Shop.



Guest Post: Christmas Picture Frame Decorating

While perusing Facebook the other day I saw a friend of mine, Erin, posted pictures of her holiday decorating tradition.

Guest blogger, Erin Hikes:

Every year I go on a wrapping frenzy. I swear I would have wrapped the kids if I could.  But, I started wrapping my picture frames on my mantle, on the walls, and on the bookcases. It just made the house more festive and it SUPER easy.  The kids love this and plus it gives them more things to unwrap later!  It is a great way to do cheap decorations since you already have wrapping paper.

You know when you have wrapping paper and there is a little chunk left over? Cut them off and find frames around the house that will be perfect for the size of extra paper you have. You don’t need a lot to wrap it and it doesn’t need to be absolutely perfect.  All you really need is enough to cover the front and the sides.  You can choose any wrapping paper you want.  I let the kids pick out what wrapping paper they love that way they stay involved.

First, start place the frame on the paper right side up.  Make sure you remember which way the frame goes before you rehang.  Start by pulling the sides over and taping them down.  You can fold the sides like you would a present as well.

 So Pretty in Paint Guest Post


Notice the top of the frame I folded the paper over and tucked it so that I would still be able to hang it back up.  IT’S THAT EASY!!  So, I wanted to add some bows and stuff on to it and again, you don’t need a ton of ribbon you just need enough to cover the front and the sides.


So Pretty in Paint Guest Post

When you are all done wrapping the picture, you can leave them as is with just the wrapping paper or you can go all out and add ribbons and bows and all off that stuff to it so that it feels more like presents.

 So Pretty in Paint Guest Post


So this is what it looks like when you are all finished.  Super Easy and Super Cute!  These can be done for birthday parties and other parties not just Christmas just to add that extra fun touch.  So have fun with it and enjoy yourself.  Your house will look FANTASTIC in no time at all.

So Pretty in Paint Guest Post 6

The kiddos picked out the wrapping paper and they also said it would be really cute to add lights around it.  So we did and it turned out AWESOME!

 Thanks for sharing Erin!


More Easy Christmas Decorations

With all of the furniture refurb project my husband and I did this year, we just didn’t have enough room in our family room for our usual Christmas decorations.  I realized very quickly that there would not be space to have a Christmas tree, so I compromised by making these glittery Christmas trees for the mantel.  Its not at all the same but I guess it will do.

We still wanted to decorate the house for the holidays, so I brought in the boxes of Christmas decorations and tried to find some creative ways to use the tree decorations.  Having an entire box of Christmas tree balls, I put the small ones in vases on the mantel and the larger ones in a big vase on our bookcase.

More Easy Christmas DecorationsMore Easy Christmas Decorations


Easy Christmas Mantel

Christmas Mantel

Lately I have been obsessed with printables and changing my mantel with the holidays and seasons.  In a box under our guest bed, I have dozens of picture frames that haven’t seen the light of day in over a year.  Last month, I pulled a few of them out and created a quick Fall Mantel make over and kept that going with Christmas.

At Craft Night last week several of the ladies got up real close to these trying to figure out how I’d done it and let me tell you… it was EASY!  Probably the easiest craft / decor update I’ve done in a LONG time!!


  • Picture frame(s)
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Computer/printer

First: I decided what picture frame I wanted to use and cut some Christmas scrapbook paper (on hand) to the size of my picture frame.

Second: Opened up Word and wrote “Ho” and decided on a font style I liked

Third: Put my cut to size scrapbook paper in the printer… and hit “print.”

Fourth: Repeat steps 2 and 3, two more times in different fonts.

Doesn’t get much easier than that but it made a big difference!


Snowman Wreath

Snowman Wreath

I recently decided that my old Christmas wreath was just not going to cut it this year, so I decided I needed to make a new one.  After spending WAY to much time on Pinterest, I found two I really liked and decided to mix the two together and tweak it a bit to look more snowmanish.  I really liked the shape and wire arms/hat that Craft Goodies had and use of cotton balls the BHG had.

So I set out with several 60% off Joann’s coupons and bought 3 styrofoam wreaths in a variety of sizes.


First: I made my scarf using a snowflake Christmas tree skirt from the Dollar Store.  I cut out a long piece of the skirt into the shape of a scarf and quickly finished the edges.

Second: Using wire I secured all three styrofoam wreaths together.

Snowman Wreath

Third: I used a hot glue gun to secure cotton balls to the styrofoam wreaths.  I ended up using around 350 cotton balls.

Fourth: Sprayed the cotton balls with the Elmer’s Spray Adhesive and shook Craft Essentials Glitter all over the snowman.

Fifth: I laced the ribbon through two of the wreaths and covered it with cotton balls. (can you see the bump?  kinda looks like a tongue or something 🙂

Snowman Wreath

Then I hung him up.  Doesn’t he look cool?!

Snowman Wreath


#Holidayhangout – Handmade Holiday Google+ Hangouts

Handmade Holiday Hangout

All next week some incredibly fabulous bloggers with be sharing Handmade Holiday ideas LIVE…..yes LIVE…on Google + Hangouts!

Stop by this post about 30 minutes before the hangout and click on the picture above to click over to our hangout! You can visit the #holidayhangout event page on Google + to watch or our own Google + page as well.

There will be lots of opportunities to catch some incredible live Google + hangouts all week…


December 3rd…

9 am PST  Creative Kristi Handmade Gift Ideas for Adults with guest Sawdust and Paper Scraps

11 am PST Mrs Hines Class, Setting for Four, DejaVu Designs  DIY Ornaments and Decor

2 pm PST My Very Educated Mother Three Quick and Easy Ornaments with guest Creative Cynchronicity

December 4th…

9 am PST Uncommon Designs Team Simple Neighbor Gifts for Christmas

10 am PST Sugar Bee Crafts Easy Christmas Crafts with guest A Girl and A Glue Gun

12 pm PST Fox Hollow Cottage Holiday Crafts

6 pm PST Just Paint It Three Easy Ways to Guild Fruit

December 5th…

9 am PST Atta Girl Says Stress Free Holiday Hosting Tips

10 am PST Hometalk, C.R.A.F.T  Holiday Hangout

1 pm PST Creative Cynchronicity Holiday Table Favors with guest My Very Educated Mother

3 pm PST Jader Bomb, Graphics Fairy, Shabby Creek Cottage Handmade Ornaments

December 6th…

9 am PST The Bold Abode  DIY Glitter Candles and Madlibs with guest Mom 4 Real, Creekline House

10 am PST Creekline House Working with Fresh Cedar with guest Mom 4 Real

11 am PST Simply Designing Snowman Candy Dish

2 pm PST The Everyday Home The Everyday Home Show

6 pm PST Dukes and Duchesses Hosting a Themed Cocoa Party

December 7th…

9 am PST Mom 4 Real Easy Teacher Gift

10 am PST It’s Overflowing Holiday Craft

11 am PST The Everyday Home Creating a Christmas Wreath and Bow Making

1 pm PST 52 Mantels Holiday Craft with guest My Sister’s Suitcase

4 pm PST 30 Minute Crafts, Country Chic Cottage10 minutes Christmas Crafts with Madigan Made 

In case you miss these fabulous events, you can hop over to Youtube after and see the videos there! You do not even have to have a Google + account to watch! Hope to see you there!

How To Download Fonts

Here are step-by-step instructions for how to download the free fonts.

First: Find the Download Link.  It can vary from site to site but there will be a button or a text link somewhere near the font sample for downloading the font.   If the site offers multiple font formats be sure you’re getting the format you need. For TrueType (ttf) and PostScript Type 1 font there are different files for Mac and for Windows. Once you’ve found the fonts you want to download, click on the download link or right-click (Windows). For Mac users, the download starts when you click.

Second: Save the file.  For some downloads (such as the buttons at dafont.com), depending on your browser and operating system, the file will immediately download to your computer. Otherwise, if using Internet Explorer, choose “Save this program (or file) to disk.” If using Netscape Navigator, choose “Save File” after clicking on a download link.

Third: Choose a Download Location. If the file doesn’t download automatically, you can change directories or folders using the navigation buttons in the Window or use the default directory that is showing.

Fourth: Download the Font. From the folder where you have saved the font, double click it to start the download.  If the download doesn’t start automatically, click OK or Install to begin the font download.



That’s it!


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