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Here is another Baby Announcement sign I made.  This one is for the Wilson’s.  Their babies nursery reminds me of a tree house.  They painted a beautiful mural on the wall of a big tree with a couple owls perched on a branch.  I really wanted this sign to look like it belonged in that room.

So Pretty in Paint Baby Announcement Sign - Henry Lee

It is on a 9×12 board.  Fun and totally personal!  Love it!

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Last week we kicked off a monthly craft night.  There were seven ladies at my house working on winter wreaths.  We all wanted to dress up our front doors and try some ideas from Pinterest!

The “rules” of craft night are pretty simple.. BYOC “bring your own craft”.  And it worked out great!  Everyone brought the supplies they’d need to make their wreath and as it turned out, everyone made a different wreath.  We started a Facebook group and shared picture ideas from Pinterest.  Pizza, crafts and gossip… it was a great night!

DIY Winter Wreaths

DIY Winter Wreath

These ladies had a lot of “pinspiration” lol!  Here is where they got their ides:

1) Coffee Filter Wreath   2) Ho Ho Ho Wreath

3) Ornament Wreath   4) Ornament Wreath

5) Winter Wreath   6) Snowman Wreath


Here is another very easy and very inexpensive tutorial.  This one was actually a gift that I made for our entire wedding party.  So I made 19 of these and used a lot of wine corks!

Supplies Needed:

  • 64 wine corks (per frame)
  • Picture frame
  • Hot glue gun & glue

Here’s what I did:

First: I glued corks together in sets of two.

Second: Once I had my corks glued in sets of two, I started gluing them together to frame the picture frame.

Third: Glued the corks to the frame and that’s it.

This project was incredibly easy but making 19 of them was incredibly time consuming and I did manage to burn myself a few times 🙂

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