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Here is another Baby Announcement sign I made.  This one is for the Wilson’s.  Their babies nursery reminds me of a tree house.  They painted a beautiful mural on the wall of a big tree with a couple owls perched on a branch.  I really wanted this sign to look like it belonged in that room.

So Pretty in Paint Baby Announcement Sign - Henry Lee

It is on a 9×12 board.  Fun and totally personal!  Love it!

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Over the weekend we made a quick trip to Craft Warehouse and scored these!  $5 for the both!!  With all of the redecorating we’ve been doing in our family room, I realized that we have no where to put an actual Christmas tree… so I decided I needed to make some.  I’m going to paint and glitterfy these for our fireplace mantel.

So Pretty in Paint: Glittery Christmas Trees

First I started by painting the cones a solid color.  I bought a Behr paint sample ($2.50) in the most Christmas green I could find and slapped on two coats.

After letting that dry over night, I used Mod Podge to add glitter.  The glitter was a score, only $2 bucks at Joanns, and I used LOT’S of glitter.  I wanted to see these Christmas trees across the street!

I followed the same process for the red tree, except that I had a can of red spray paint that I used instead.   They might not smell like a real Christmas tree and I certainly will not be able to put presents underneath, but they’ll do 🙂 I’m not quite done with them.  I need to make a trip to the Dollar Store and see what kind of tree stand I can come up with.  Here is the red one:

I promise to update the post once I have the tree stands and have them placed on the mantel.

Glittery Christmas Trees

Here is another very easy and very inexpensive tutorial.  This one was actually a gift that I made for our entire wedding party.  So I made 19 of these and used a lot of wine corks!

Supplies Needed:

  • 64 wine corks (per frame)
  • Picture frame
  • Hot glue gun & glue

Here’s what I did:

First: I glued corks together in sets of two.

Second: Once I had my corks glued in sets of two, I started gluing them together to frame the picture frame.

Third: Glued the corks to the frame and that’s it.

This project was incredibly easy but making 19 of them was incredibly time consuming and I did manage to burn myself a few times 🙂

A big part of our wedding decor was an underlying ‘happily ever after’ root.  We incorporated this wherever we could.  Our wedding was at a vineyard and was 100% outdoors.  Its very common these days to have a “gifts” area and we wanted a ‘welcome’ type sign for our guests to know this is where to start their day.  Our gifts area was a place to leave cards, presents and sign our “guest book.”  Although the guest book will be described more in another post (click here to be check that out).

So we wanted a big Welcome sign and ended up making this:

Creating this sign was very easy but gave the welcoming feel I was hoping for.

Supplies Needed:

  • Picture frame
  • Paint (we used gray and ivory)
  • Paint brush (large for the frame and small for the writing)
  • Burlap
  • Staple gun

Here’s what I did:

First: I painted the frame gray, which was a color in our wedding decor.

Second: Cut a piece of burlap to fit the frame.

Third: Took my sweet time to hand write the phrase I choose on the burlap.

Fourth: Used the staple gun to secure the sign to the frame and voilà !

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