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Here is another Baby Announcement sign I made.  This one is for the Wilson’s.  Their babies nursery reminds me of a tree house.  They painted a beautiful mural on the wall of a big tree with a couple owls perched on a branch.  I really wanted this sign to look like it belonged in that room.

So Pretty in Paint Baby Announcement Sign - Henry Lee

It is on a 9×12 board.  Fun and totally personal!  Love it!

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I saw a sign similar to this on Pinterest and wanted to try my hand at creating one.  For more signs available, please check out the Etsy Shop.


So Pretty in Paint: Welcome Friends & Family

Since posting it on Facebook last night, I’ve already had two requests to make similar ones but adding “The ___ Family Welcomes our Friends & Family.”  So excited to create something for someone else!  Stay tuned for those pictures!


Fall Inspiration Mantel

Adding a little fall color to our mantel.  This was easy and free.  Using 4 existing picture frames, two stamps, colored paper and the printer I whipped this up and I just love how it added a little color and warmth the fireplace mantel.

I love decorating my house to match the season.  This was just a quick (and cheap) update to bring in some warm fall colors.  I had this awful vase with bamboo sticks that I had been looking for an excuse to get rid of and I found it!

This was a quick and simple update that cost less than $6 bucks!  All of the floral was 70% off at Joann’s .  I already had the floral foam, the bucket, the burlap and lace.  So it was uber cheap but I love it!

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