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Here is another Baby Announcement sign I made.  This one is for the Wilson’s.  Their babies nursery reminds me of a tree house.  They painted a beautiful mural on the wall of a big tree with a couple owls perched on a branch.  I really wanted this sign to look like it belonged in that room.

So Pretty in Paint Baby Announcement Sign - Henry Lee

It is on a 9×12 board.  Fun and totally personal!  Love it!

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With all of the furniture refurb project my husband and I did this year, we just didn’t have enough room in our family room for our usual Christmas decorations.  I realized very quickly that there would not be space to have a Christmas tree, so I compromised by making these glittery Christmas trees for the mantel.  Its not at all the same but I guess it will do.

We still wanted to decorate the house for the holidays, so I brought in the boxes of Christmas decorations and tried to find some creative ways to use the tree decorations.  Having an entire box of Christmas tree balls, I put the small ones in vases on the mantel and the larger ones in a big vase on our bookcase.

More Easy Christmas DecorationsMore Easy Christmas Decorations


Christmas Mantel

Lately I have been obsessed with printables and changing my mantel with the holidays and seasons.  In a box under our guest bed, I have dozens of picture frames that haven’t seen the light of day in over a year.  Last month, I pulled a few of them out and created a quick Fall Mantel make over and kept that going with Christmas.

At Craft Night last week several of the ladies got up real close to these trying to figure out how I’d done it and let me tell you… it was EASY!  Probably the easiest craft / decor update I’ve done in a LONG time!!


  • Picture frame(s)
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Computer/printer

First: I decided what picture frame I wanted to use and cut some Christmas scrapbook paper (on hand) to the size of my picture frame.

Second: Opened up Word and wrote “Ho” and decided on a font style I liked

Third: Put my cut to size scrapbook paper in the printer… and hit “print.”

Fourth: Repeat steps 2 and 3, two more times in different fonts.

Doesn’t get much easier than that but it made a big difference!


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